Kathryn Waggoner, PsyD, ABPP

Kathryn Waggoner, PsyD, ABPP

Founder & CEO

Dr. Waggoner is a licensed, board-certified clinical health psychologist. She earned her doctorate in clinical psychology from Wright State University. She then completed a two-year formal postdoctoral program specializing in Clinical Health Psychology. From working in clinical settings to conducting research and influencing health care policy, health psychologists measure the impact of behavior on health and create ways to help people make behavior choices that induce good health and prevent illness.

For the first decade of her career, Dr. Waggoner worked for the Department of Defense in a variety of roles. Clinically, she has worked in level-1 trauma hospitals, pain rehabilitation, and several primary care clinics (internal medicine, women’s health, flight medicine). She then worked for Air Force Medical Operations, conducting clinical research, writing policy, and training clinicians to practice in primary care behavioral healthcare settings.

Dr. Waggoner proudly serves a diverse client base, including active-duty military service members. Most recently, she moved to Mississippi from Japan, her family having been stationed there. She took this opportunity to pursue private practice ownership, with the hopes of collaborating with the healthcare community and supporting efforts toward normalizing integrated care.

Currently, she provides psychological testing and assessment for children and adults facing difficulties in key areas of their lives. She values inclusion and is neurodiversity-affirming, stating, “we all have a way in which we understand the world around us, which is strongly influenced by who we are, how we learn, what we experience, and the culture in which we grew up. There is no ‘’typical’ or ‘standard’ way of thinking, feeling, behaving, and simply being. It is important to acknowledge that we see and experience things in our own ways, which naturally comes with both strengths and vulnerabilities. However, those difficulties are not flaws that need to be ‘fixed’ or corrected, but part of a person’s unique experience and identity. I seek to empower others and utilize psychological testing to uncover reasons why they might be struggling with an issue that is preventing them from moving forward.”

In her free time, Dr. Waggoner values spending time with her family, cooking, and building Lego designs.


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